Ideal for

Dust and Powders…

…because pollution and explosion hazards are being prevented. Even with complicated bulk goods
a payload of up to 100% is possible with the siloadmaxX®-System.
This holds true for all other bulk goods as well.

- ATEX certified -

POWTECH 2017 Nuremberg
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08 Nov
CQL in der Fachpresse

Die process berichtet über unser neues kostenoptimiertes Produkt zur Beladung von 20' Containern.

09 Jul
Schüttgut 2018

Staubfrei be- und entladen

09 Jul
Contrailo 2018

Jetzt auch mobil laden

siloadmaxX is the only global provider of a revolutionary mobile system for the loading and unloading of bulk goods into Standard-ISO-Container by pneumatic conveying. You can achieve unmatched efficiency improvements and savings in time, cost and process steps during the loading and unloading of containers.

"Efficient and Safe"

The new system for loading of bulk goods in Standard-ISO-Container

The siloadmaxX®-System

Get to know the system works that enables the loading of even the most complicated bulk goods like powders and dusts into Standard-ISO-Containers



The siloadmaxX®-system offers you many advantages – financial and time-related. The reason for that is that you can safe many steps in your process chain by using the siloadmaxX®-system.

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